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  • Movements On-Line
    Movements On-Line
    Sa., 05. März
    05. März 2022, 17:00 – 22:00
    SonnensteinLOFT, Linz, Austria
    05. März 2022, 17:00 – 22:00
    SonnensteinLOFT, Linz, Austria

Movements On-Line #phase1 is starting on the 5th.Mar

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Movement laboratory for discovering possibilities of sharing physical information within Hybrid realities and digital spaces. A choreographic map will be presented as a platform for integrating concepts of spaces between personal and general, analog and digital.

Date Location Time:

5.Mar, 2022,

Buenos Aires, Argentina. 13:30-18:30

Linz, Austria. 17:30-22:30

Concept: Samer Alkurdi. MA

Workshop instructors: Marcela Lopez Morales. MA, Samer Alkurdi. MA


Under the theme “parallel realities”: How can hybrid spaces illustrate the coexistence of different perceptual realities and interact with the digital and/or analog presence of movements?...”

The workshop aims to connect two groups of dancers and choreographers, from two different analog spaces, to explore possibilities of mediating movement sensation and expression between the common analog and/or “digital space”. It is of particular interest to co-develop different artistic expressions and explore new approaches to choreography and performance within a setup of parallel realities and experiences provided by digital media platforms.

Questions and Methods

  • How fragmented movement captured through “live” video and sound performances would manipulate the physical information shared with dancing partners, class students, or audience?

  • From positioning choreography as a script of designed physical information, what are the augmented possibilities for choreographers to enable dance performance's temporality to be translated into the technologized spaces in live streaming?

The exploration in the scope of these questions will be approached within the following setup:

Two groups of participants, one in Linz and the second in Buenos Aires (a group consisting of 5-6 in each location), will be working simultaneously for 5 hours, and connected through live streaming technology by the “Zoom” webinar tool. In each location, there will be a camera that captures the video and sound of the general space of each group. And also all dancers will be individually connected to the same digital meeting room through smartphones, so they will be able to provide multi-perception of movements through their cameras. In each space will be a screen that presents the desired scenery, which will be also streamed on digital media platforms. A limited number of audiences will be invited to the analog spaces as well to approach the concept of parallel realities.

The method that will be employed particularly in this workshop is to provide the kind of movement score that is individually practiced as a common platform of instructions for movement production. The term score here refers to a map of instructions containing spatial information, geometric structures, and qualitative components for the dancing body. The aim is to translate these scores into multi applications and setups to provide interaction possibilities for dancers working in separated groups, by sharing either an analog space, a digital space, or a hybrid space (mixed spaces of analog and digital).

The given movement scores as spatial pieces of information, dynamics, and structures will be always referred to as the moving body. This will be used to create a definable interface between dancers for multi-space design, performance design, and the production of mediated physical expression.


Redsapata Tanzfabrik in Sonnenstein Loft, Linz, Austria.

MOVAQ aquelarre en movimiento, Buenos Aires, Argentina.



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